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SICK are a leading manufacturer of sensor solutions in the Material Handling Industry.  Dr Erwin SICK founded the company in 1946 and for over 75 years SICK have been helping to improve the productivity, reliability and safety of Material Handling Processes.  More than 11,000 people located in over 50 different countries pride themselves in providing Sensor Intelligence solutions with excellent local and global support.  With a high level of expertise in the following areas our teams are ready to support you in developing the optimal solution for your individual application challenge.

  • Presence Detection solutions detect any object simply and reliably
  • Safety detection and control solutions protect people and plant whilst maximising productivity
  • Motion Control Sensing solutions provide the data for optimising motion sequences
  • Reading of 1D, 2D barcodes and RFID tags enabling tracking and tracing of any object
  • Dimensioning, Weighing and Sorting systems for billing or data transparency
  • Vision System solutions for flexible quality control and automation tasks
  • Flow, Pressure and Level sensing for monitor processes and help optimise energy efficiency
  • Connectivity and Software solutions to link all the above technologies and provide information transparency
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