AMHSA provides a wide range of training and workshop sessions covering a range of topics including:

  • Technical training (e.g. Carbon Footprint Workshop, Training Workshop, Fire Protection Workshop)
  • Legal e.g., MF/1 training
  • Sales e.g. Exhibition staff training, Twitter for Business Training

AMHSA’s training sessions are generally open to both members and non-members with reduced rates for AMHSA members. Some of our training courses carry CPD accreditation and will earn training credits / hours. Please check each individual course on our website as they are published.

AMHSA events are generally booked online through the AMHSA Event Booking site.


Previous Events

Arguably the UK’s leading authority on logistics automation, AMHSA held their Training Workshop in February at the Harborough Innovation Centre. Designed to cover the fundamentals of automated materials handling systems, the event once again proved popular amongst delegates who gave the event a glowing report in feedback. The event continues to prove very popular in the AMHSA calendar and proved to be informative to all newcomers to our industry and experienced colleagues, alike.

Delegates are offered introductions, familiarisation or explanations of the traditional or the contemporary and latest state-of-the-art solutions being introduced within the sector. These solutions are designed to tackle and overcome the automation introduction obstacles in supply chains. The seminar provides comprehensive understanding and awareness of the products available, for designers and engineers.

Upcoming Events - On-Line

We are pleased to announce that over the course of the next couple of months we shall be endeavouring to deliver a fuller calendar of events on-line, whilst we are unable to meet in a physical setting. These events will include training sessions, our AGM & Members Meeting and some webinar forums hosted by some familiar faces from around the industry.

We are really excited and we hope you will be able to join the events and will find them interesting and extremely useful. Please see below for further details.

AMHSA Online Training Workshop #1 : Containers and ASRS

These online sessions, spread over the course of several weeks are designed to cover the fundamentals of automated materials handling solutions and are recommended to all newcomers and experienced colleagues in our industry.

Whether it’s an introduction, familiarisation or an understanding of the traditional or the contemporary and state-of-the-art solutions on the market, to tackle and overcome the automation introduction obstacles in your supply chain, these workshops will offer a comprehensive awareness of the innovative products and service types available, for designers and engineers, which position and maintain our ground breaking industry.

Join us online to hear how automation solves, resolves and challenges the threats and opportunities experienced by the modern businesses thriving to improve productivity, safety and effectiveness in some of the most competitive market places in the world. From totes to pallets, cartons to hangers, trucks to AGV’s, Cranes to Shuttles and much more besides we shall hear, how through effective planning and use of the full array of the automation products and services arsenal, the modern supply chain is capable and able to react to the ever changing – consumer demand and operating environment!

Stay ahead in this ever-advancing industry and learn how the continuing need for automation and automation development is being driven by social, financial, political, legal and technological factors in a constantly adapting global market.

Each session will feature an informative presentation from AMHSA Secretary, Dave Berridge, and conclude with a discussion / question and answer session.

Workshop 1 Agenda

  • Introduction / Overview of sessions
  • Containers and Storage
  • Auto Storage Systems

The talks are aimed to appeal to the widest possible audience, so whether you are a newcomer to the industry or you have a vast wealth of experience, there should be something new for everybody.

AMHSA Commercial Training Course – MF1 Legal Training Workshop (On-Line interactive)

AMHSA are delighted to announce that their training event – Legal Training Workshop – MF/1 Model Contract will once again be offered to members. We are working closely with Tony Ventralla, Princiapl Adviser at Ventrella Associates who is a key member of the MF/1 Model Contract Drafting Committee to deliver this new training experience. Tony is an expert in both the legal and practical application of this contract in our industry and also supports the application of the MF/1 contracts internationally.

Tony has an LL.B (Hons) in Law and MA in Business Law and will be explaining the principals and practices of contract design applicable to contracts relevant to the Automated Material Handling Systems sector. Particular emphasis will be placed on how the model contract can be used for the logistics automation industry.

The training course is tailored to all those responsible for the negotiation and execution of commercial supply and installation contracts in the materials handling industry. It will be suitable for both the Commercial team and also to provide a good overview of MF/1 for Sales, Projects and Engineering teams who are involved in commercial discussions with customers and suppliers.

Tony will share his commercial and legal expertise in relation to automated handling projects using MF/1 and other forms of contract.

There will be opportunities for questions both during and at the end of the session.

Further details will follow once confirmed in relation to the extent of the session(s), content detail and the costs.

We regret that lunch will not be included, but our hearty welcome and usual encouragement to be part of this event will be available to you in abundance.


Coping With Covid19 – How The World Was Changed by Coronavirus

A Power Hour Round Table Event – August T.B.C.

In March 2020, following the news that a new serious threat had been emerging in the far east since the new year, successive governments around Europe made unprecedented and difficult decisions to close down their economies and their borders, preventing the free movement of non essential goods and people and locking down their populations in an effort to control the spread of the unknown deadly disease. 

The impact as we know proved devastating to all aspects of life, not just for individual nations, but for the whole of the planet, as many more nations followed suit and restricted every element of life in an effort to protect the most vulnerable in society. 

Economies, health, livelihoods and all aspects of all normality have been touched by this pandemic. But, the Automated Material Handling Systems industry has, like many other key sectors and its workforce, who were able to continue to play their part during the lockdown, played some part in ensuring that we have been able to help and support major important supply chains and help the authorities and powers to visualise and direct strategies to help sustain us and return us all to some new normality. 

Come and meet some of the AMHSA Members, for an hour, and hear how their crisis management and tactical planning techniques helped to enable suppliers to continue to function safely in the sometimes restrictive environments with their workplaces and what considerations are being made to futureproof their installations and customers’ capex investments in the future.

Further details will follow.

AMHSA A.G.M. & Members’ Meeting – September 23rd 2020 On-line.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic it has not been possible to hold an A.G.M. physically. Some of our events had been planned to be hosted by Informa Markets at their offices in Blackfriars, London, including our AGM and our Autumn Conference. However, as the pandemic continues to prevent the organisation of high occupancy meetings we have, regrettably but in the interest of everybody’s safety, taken the decision to cancel these meetings. 

Instead, the AGM & Members meeting will now take place on-line on 23rd September 2020. Further details and joining instructions will follow in due course and will appear on the Evenbrite website. Please keep the date free for now and come back to check for further information about the joining process.

Future Events

The current Public Health situation presents us with extremely difficult operational problems. As a result, and in line with government advice in relation to the Covid-19 Virus we have, sadly, had to postpone or cancel several of our events. However, some events will now take place on line using the appropriate technology for group discussions.  We continue to assess the situation and will continue to heed the best scientific and governmental advice  and aim to return to physically attended (possibly with some social distancing guidelines) events later in the year. We hope to include

  • AMHSA Autumn Conference
  • Site Meetings (adhering appropriate guidelines)

We hope that we will be able to return to a more normalised Calendar of Events as soon as possible, when we shall be able to meet in a physical venue. Until then we will be working hard to ensure that we continue to deliver an appropriate and meaningful content of events.

More details will follow in due course. Please keep a watchful eye on our website for more information.

Upcoming Events - On-line
Future Events