The automated material handling industry relies on being able to convey goods throughout supply chains as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. In order to achieve the repetitive high rates of throughput successfully a lot of consideration is given to the medium employed.

More commonly plastic boxes, known as totes, plastic crates, trays and pallets, amongst others, provide a practical solution that are immensely durable, comparably safer than other materials, have great commercial flexibility and in many cases greater longevity than many other less sustainable materials employed for the purpose of moving goods. And, when these products come to the end of their life they can be ground and used again and again with greater emphasis on environmental awareness

The use of plastic to manufacture unit load products has fast become recognised and categorised as “Returnable Transit Packaging” and offers many years of service to the automated logistics industry. Whether it be pallets, trays, cartons, crates or totes the ability to mold plastic and carefully design solutions to overcome challenging supply chain obstacles means that through collaboration with their customers and partners AMHSA suppliers will almost certainly ensure that your products are kept moving or stored safely in their SKU, where you or your WCS left them.

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