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Loadhog is a multi-award winning, employee owned, UK Manufacturer, dedicated to the design and manufacture, sale and pooling of returnable packaging solutions across a diverse range of industries. We are committed to introducing new sustainable supply chain solutions that save companies valuable time, money and labour.

Our headquarters based in Sheffield is a 120,000 sq. ft. renovated gun factory, which houses all of our manufacturing, design and development resources, a suite of Engel injection moulding machines, a state of the art MART wash plant and over 100 UK based employees, all with a vested interest in the business.

Outside of the UK we have opened Loadhog Sarl in France in 2019 and more recently in 2021 Loadhog INC in Chicago, enabling us to better service the growing number of international customers. We also have a joint venture based in Portugal and various partners and distributors around the world which further reinforce our global appeal.

  • Pallet Lid

The most secure, versatile and cost effective method of securing the load on a pallet, no banding or stretch wrap required.

  • Omnimax

The Omnimax is a bail arm tote with omni channel distribution in mind with a max volume design giving significant logistical gains.

  • Autotote

Suitable for all conveyors and transfer units, the Autotote features an optimised base design that reduces deflection and noise.

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