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Established in 1909 Engelmann and Buckham is a family-owned business based in Alton Hampshire. E&B represent over 50 European and USA manufactures that have no direct UK Sales Representation. E&B provide the skills and knowledge to represent our clients’ products in the UK and provide the final client with the best system for their challenges.

E&B work within the following Market segments: –

  • E-Commerce
  • Post & Parcel distribution
  • Consumer goods, Food retail and manufacture
  • Pharmaceutical & Personal Care distribution and manufacture
  • Consumer Electronics, Books, Music, and Media
  • Commercial Printing and packaging

Our product portfolio includes:-

  • Pocket sorter (that provides a more controlled drop) 12000 pc’s per hour
  • Tilt tray sorter from 6000 to 12000 pc’s per hour
  • Cross belt sorter from 6000 to 12000 pc’s per hour
  • Packaging machine for paper, Bio-degradable film, bio-compostable film and standard film and bubble wrap.
  • Carton wrapping/sleaving
  • Pallet wrapping fixed point and revolving
  • Pallet handling (pallet build, layer picking and de-stacking)
  • Pallet shuttles and controls (not in rack)
  • Printing
  • Label application
  • Paper insertion
  • Case erection, filling, and sealing

The company’s Core Values:-

  • Trustworthy & Professional in all areas of business
  • Commitment to our customers
  • Integrity always
  • Collaborative service
  • Responsive after sales support
  • Environmental Stewardship

We have over 100 years’ industry experience across sectors including retail, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and commercial printing. Our partners range of systems and continued innovation allow E&B to offer our clients a vast range of possible answers to their operational challenges.

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Engelmann & Buckham
Weybourne House
Lenten Street
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