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AMHSA – “In Person” events becoming the norm once again.

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AMHSA Members enjoy networking opportunity

As we begin to enjoy the freedoms of “in person” events returning once again, AMHSA Members recently attended a site visit at IPL Groups production plant at Tamworth.


Safety First

Whilst it appears that the major concerns of the effects of the pandemic are over IPL Groups approach was still to make everybody aware of what the planet had just suffered. Delegates were requested to wear face masks whilst moving around the communal areas of their  facility, With over 250 people employed at the site it was understandable that the company were mindful of the risks that Covid can pose on a workforce employed on shifts. AMHSA members were more than happy to oblige and followed the code to help reduce the risk.

Returnable Transit Packaging 

The main focus of the event was to hear how IPL Group had joined the automated tote supply chain provision and could offer an engineer designed precision tote amongst an arsenal of other products.

But, in addition IPL Group also have an ambitious strategy for delivering a recycling project designed to fulfil the obligations that many of us experience in day to day life – reduce, reuse and recycle. The IPL Team took us on the lifecycle of their products detailing the “circularity” of their plastic products from “cradle to cradle” detailing the ambition to promote excellence within their field of expertise.

Working closely with their partners, suppliers and customers their drive and enthusiasm is certain to reduce the use of of virgin materials in many of its products and eliminate waste. Their programme of taking away old products and regrinding for new is certainly likely to ensure that products last or exceed their own lifecycle and the great thing is when its finished with it can be used again.

The relationship with automated supply chains 

We were extremely fortunate to have some key players from the automated material handling systems sector on hand to present and explain the relationships between expert design, production and installation in relation to systems and the unit load types.

Knapp, Witron, Gebhardt and Big Box Automation were all on hand to demonstrate their expertise in their own fields and share how the relationships between the supply chain components require careful attention to ensure end users and customers can rely on systems to deliver their own ambitions and aspirations and satisfying their own customers’ expectations.

AMHSA Members, Knapp, share technical expertise with delegates

Production Facility Tour

IPL Group had arranged for a tour their facility which stretches some four factory halls each with at least three presses per unit.

Getting up close and actually seeing the machinery and the energy required to produce some the products was fascinating. Steve the Production Manager was keen to explain that many of the moulds were expertly designed and maintained producing products to the same high standard again and again.


AMHSA Members enjoy a tour of the production facility at IPL Group. 

Networking is back!

We are indebted to IPL Group for hosting what turned out to be a fascinating event and allowing many of our members to come together to understand the ambitious approach and strategy being adopted by the company.

The event has allowed members to share knowledge and understanding but most importantly has allowed the opportunity to network and re-acquaint some long established relationships with colleagues from around the association.

Our next event, AGM & Members’ Meeting, takes place in market Harborough on Tuesday 26Th April. Further details can be found on the AMHSA website were members can register for the the three  events. We look forward to welcoming everybody back to the Innovation Centre.


Matt Jones, AMHSA