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Loadhog, returnable packaging manufacturer, is adding two new products to its automation range. As the importance of automation continues to grow, Loadhog’s new designs are set to improve and modernise operations processes across a range of sectors.

Firstly, introducing the AUTO TOTE, the smoothest running base on the market.

The Auto Tote’s double skin base is designed to run along automation systems, smoothly and quietly, while maintaining a high level of durability. The diagonal ribbing strengthens the base and the 100% closed underside ensures smooth, silent running and minimised deflection.

The unique high impact hollow corners, maximises the resistance against damage and the completely covered ribs on the underside protect the conveyor system, helping to save costs on belt maintenance. The base consists of a cantilever edge reducing noise on rollers and a chamfered side edge that provides a smoother transition between linking conveyors or during a directional change.

Various optional extras can help modify the Auto Tote dependant on the specific needs of the company, including; divider configurations, automated barcode and label application and both open or closed handle options.

Also introducing, the OMNIMAX.

Designed to target applications in between intralogistics and transit, combining the features and benefits of an automated container with the high volume and return efficiencies of transport packaging, hence the name ‘Omnimax’, omni channel distribution with maximum logistical benefits.

With three heights available, the Omnimax delivers the highest usable volume with multiple automation features, producing successful results for both the automation integrator and the end customer, through massive logistical gains. The container is 7% better than the industry average, with the 3 heights offering maximum literage of 59 (320mm), 66 (360mm) and 78 (400mm). That 7% increased volume positively impacts on vehicle fill, transport, waste, and cost.

The offset drainage holes within the Onmimax have been implemented to adhere with FM Global Regulations. The smooth internal base makes for easy cleaning while the flat textured base provides grip on the conveyor. The innovative auto-friendly arms are designed to aid simple stacking operation, reducing the need for complex robotics and human interaction, saving significant labour and automation costs.

The Omnimax offers a 75% nesting ratio enabling increased return efficiencies, and when used in conjunction with the Loadhog Pally & Lid System, the ease of transport and elimination of double handling becomes the norm.

Want to know more? Grab the opportunity to see these brand new products at Intralogistex on the 1st and 2nd of July. Loadhog will be attending the event in Coventry to showcase its innovative product range and give you an insight into how you can convert your supply chain into being more sustainable.

Product Specification:

Auto Tote 

  • 600mm x 400mm: 220mm, 270mm, 320mm, 420mm
  • 650mm x 450mm: 80mm, 320mm, 400mm
  • Unit load: 50kg
  • Temperature range: -20 +50
  • Compatible with optional dividers and the Loadhog Pallet Lid


  • 600mmx400mm: 320mm, 360mm, 400mm
  • Nesting pitch: 80mm
  • Nesting ratio: 75%
  • Unit load: 59L, 66L, 78L
  • Compatible with optional dividers and the Loadhog Pally and Lid system.