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AMHSA Member SEC Storage Take Industry Award

By 5th March 2021 No Comments

SEC Storage Wins Warehouse Efficiency at The Logistics Awards

SEC Storage is delighted to be announced as winners in the ‘Warehouse Efficiency’ category at The Logistics Awards.

Showcasing true efficiency, the design and installation at Focus International (part of the JD Group) was one of the most agile warehouse solutions in SEC’s history, implementing a future-proofed, multi-tier picking structure solution that has provided a 40% increase in storage capacity, 100% increase in pick efficiency and has proved so successful, that the concept is being expanded into Focus’ new larger facility in Bedfordshire.

SEC Storage’s commercial director Harry commented, “SEC prides itself on designing and delivering true warehouse efficiency to solve complex logistics challenges. Supported by in-depth data analysis, we were able to design a highly efficient, dense-picking and storage environment that has the ability to be rapidly adapted to become a primarily carton-out facility, rather than unit-out facility if Brexit, or other business changes demand it.”