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What do Elton John, warehousing, robots and Sweden have in common?

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The answer is that Hi-Level Mezzanines, today celebrating 30 years of success, has carried out an amazing array of projects.
The company based in Petersfield, Hampshire, has been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality mezzanine floors for three decades.
It provides mezzanine floors of the highest quality in the industry, thanks to the expertise of a team of qualified structural engineers, innovative digital design process and advanced solutions.
Angus Whiteman, Managing Director, said: “As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, what gets us up in the morning is the same motivator we’ve had for three brilliant decades – the huge variety of what we do, the mind-bending challenges we love to solve and the excitement of never knowing in which country we’ll be working next.”

The Hi-Level Directors

A saltwater pool and a grand piano

Hi-Level Mezzanines prides itself on providing the best mezzanine floors on the market, all complying with structural engineering principles, and delivered with the best possible customer experience.
So when a high-profile family in Athens, Greece, had ambitious plans for their daughter’s wedding, the company installed a mezzanine to cover the saltwater swimming pool at their villa, as well as a two-tier mezzanine around the pool that was later made to look like the Parthenon …
The team then installed a special stage area ready for a large piano to be flown in for the wedding entertainment – which turned out to be Elton John!
Of course, much of what Hi-Level Mezzanines does is less glamorous. But it is just as important to ambitious clients experiencing rapid growth as they embrace the switch from retail to eCommerce and require more space in their operations and supply chains.
Mezzanines are the answer, allowing them to make the most of their current premises without the expense of renting more warehousing.

18,705 projects and counting

Over the last 30 years Hi-Level Mezzanines has undertaken 18,705 projects and counting, across logistics, transport, retail, manufacturing, automotive, leisure, healthcare, grocery and more.
Originally based in Bordon, Hampshire, head office has been in nearby Petersfield for over 20 years. The company also has regional staff in Worcester, Spalding, Derby and Ireland.

Truly international

It covers all of the UK and has supplied mezzanines everywhere from Aberdeen to Pembroke Docks to Truro and between. It has also completed projects in France, Germany, Sweden, Greece and other countries in Europe.
Which is why among its 25 staff Hi-Level Mezzanines has recruited talent from five nationalities with language abilities that allow it to deliver a truly international service.
And although the company has global vision, it sources all its materials from UK suppliers.

Degree of difference

Among the team are four engineers with degrees in civil and structural engineering – the cornerstone of a service based on strict engineering principles that sets Hi-Level Mezzanines apart from competitors.
That scientific background is key to its expertise when it comes to mezzanine innovation.
With increased use of robotics, particularly in the warehousing and logistics sectors, the company has pioneered a robot-ready floor tile solution. With an increasing number of automated warehouses being built, it has already provided industry-leading solutions and has more planned.
Looking ahead, Angus Whiteman said: “Here’s to the next 30 years of Hi-Level Mezzanines, with just as much variety, just as many tricky problems in search of an inventive solution, a growing roster of fantastic staff and even more clients spread far and wide!”

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