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Daifuku is a global market leading supplier of innovative material handling systems.  In the UK and Europe it operates primarily in the sectors of FADA (Factory Automation & Distribution Automation, AFA (Automotive Factory Automation) and ABH (Airport Baggage Handling) through Daifuku Logan as well as eFA (electronics Factory Automation – cleanroom production).

At the core of many systems are the standardised automatic unit and mini load cranes and the STV (Sorting Transfer Vehicle) system.  This is a track mounted high speed unit load carrying system (see photograph) capable of moving many hundreds of loads per hour on a single track and weighing up to 3t.

Daifuku has delivered in excess of 20,000 systems ranging from small single crane installations up to the very largest integrated system that includes some 28,000 cranes up to 40m high and 3,000 STV’s.

Daifuku offers full system design and simulation capability as well as the expected after sales support.

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