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IWLEX – It’s about Well-Being Too!

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Change is Possible: Michael Maisey appointed as Well-Being Ambassador for Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo, May 2023.

The organisers of Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo (IWLEX) are thrilled to announce the appointment of Michael Maisey as its official Wellness Ambassador.

They have also announced a wider invitation to organisations in the sector to utilise IWLEX as part of their own corporate well-being initiatives and invite members of their team who they feel would benefit from these sessions and would champion the learnings after the event.

Michael Maisey is the charismatic best-selling author and founder of non-profit organisation CIP Project.  He helps people from various backgrounds who battle with their mental health.

Michael rebuilt his life over 30 years from a position of desperation to one of contentment and peace.  Following his lowest point, when he attempted suicide in prison, Michael made a total commitment to change and helping others.  He discusses his journey on his fantastic TEDx talk, From Prison to Purpose (08/06/22).

Michael’s journey wasn’t easy and occurred over many years. He has helped thousands of people and preaches a philosophy of kindness, discusses what that means and explains how we can all help each other.

Michael will support IWLEX’s organisers in the delivery of their Wellbeing Zone, which is a seminar and workshop area which focuses personal wellbeing workshops.

Michael Maisey – author and founder of non-profit organisation CIP Project

On 23rd May (the first day of IWLEX), Michael will personally deliver at least two powerful workshops, where he actively invites visitors to get involved.

Michael will also be signing copies of his best-selling book; “Young Offender” and giving away 10 free copies to attendees of his workshop.

Michael’s workshops are incredibly powerful participative experiences that will certainly take the audiences out of their comfort zones.  They will give a flavour of how he helps people at his CIP Project in Devon (  He will deliver at least one workshop for women and one workshop for men.  He will also be hosting a video chat room on the Inside Warehouse Community platform which can be joined via the event website,

In a passionate “call to action” Michael urges the Warehousing industry to be bold enough to attend, Michael comments:

“I’m calling you in, back into connection, back into fellowship, the lone wolf ideology needs to be smashed, we heal together, and we grow together, in community.

Men can find it very hard to open up about how they are feeling. I have spent the past 15 years practicing and healing myself and working with men and helping them become the person they TRULY want to be. The mental health statistics in the logistics sector are very sad, and I’m calling you in, to step out of your comfort zones so you can grow, change and take these gifts we share back to your loved ones.

By being brave enough to attend a workshop, we are sending out a message to the industry and our colleagues that brotherhood and connection is medicine. Following the event, I will be available to provide further support for those that need it.”

Nairn Foster, MD of IWLEX comments:

“Michael is a very caring person who is hugely experienced in positively transforming the lives of others.  We are thrilled he has agreed to work with us as our Wellbeing Ambassador.  IWLEX is a PURPOSE led event, our Well-being Zone will be packed full of transformative and participative workshops.  We are inviting organisations in the warehouse sector to invite any of their employees who they feel would benefit, to the Well-Being Zone as part of their own corporate well-being initiatives. Let’s work together to help support each other in our industry and as Michael says, “be kind”.  IWLEX will be a catalyst for that kindness and if we can help just one person in our industry who is struggling, then IWLEX has been a success!”

Registration to the FREE IWELX exhibition. FREE world-class conference and Well-Being Zone is open:  The event is on the 23rd/24th May 2023 in Telford at the Telford International Centre.  The venue is very easy to reach and only 30 mins from Birmingham.