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World Leading System – LogiMate

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Built to meet the most demanding picking needs of the food, beverage and retail industries, LogiMate by System Logistics is a shuttle capable of moving crates and various kinds of bulk packages in different ways, and is able to support intensive automated picking solutions.

“Light loads, crates and loose packages, the particular features of our new arrival are specially designed to support typical solutions in the large-scale retail market. The capacity to handle bulk packages is a native feature of the solutions and does not require trays or boxes for product handling. This enables maximum flexibility in handling the variability of packs typical in the FMCG sector,” comments Luca Canali, Head of Region Europe & Africa at System Logistics.

LogiMate is designed with a mix of native architectures (for shuttles and elevators) that regulate the entire “in and out” flow and it allows control of the sequencing activity which is essential in case picking operations. It will save on spaces, surface areas and hundreds of metres of conveyor belts, which normally add complexity to these solutions, from the layout to the final installation.

For the R&D division of System Logistics, entering the world of small formats (crates, boxes, and bulk packages), which already has a dense player population, posed a major challenge. What was needed was a new product with special features that would bring real innovation to the market and could make inroads into niches where shuttle-based solutions have not yet established themselves due to technological/functional limitations.

“The increase in demand for e-commerce solutions, despite the objective difficulties caused by the pandemic, required us to develop LogiMate by ‘forced march. Our latest shuttle solution encompasses a whole range of features, some of which are innovative and covered by international patents, for unprecedented flexibility in the variety of formats that can be handled. In the sector which currently has the greatest demand, that of 600 x 400 mm format plastic crates, LogiMate not only overcomes the capacity limitation typical of the solutions by other players – from their 35 kg to our 50 kg per unit – but can also handle 2 units at the same time, thereby optimising work cycles and allowing greater storage density” , states Massimiliano Camboni, Head of Innovation at System Logistics.

This increase in total capacity to 100 kg and the large size of the loading platform allow the storage and handling of extra-large goods and the use of large-format (600 x 800 mm) plastic crates. In addition, thanks to special patented handling mechanisms, the same vehicle can handle loose or deformable packages and extremely small boxes, down to a minimum of 150 x 100 mm.

Designed with the needs of distribution centres and the supply chain in mind, it is particularly suitable for large-scale retail players who need to handle thousands of packages per hour. LogiMate is the solution for mixed-order preparation, point-of-sale replenishment or shelf restocking through precise, fast and fully automated pallet preparation.

The return on investment of this new technology is ideal for companies that are increasingly oriented toward sustainable business. Opting for automation allows improvement of working conditions and increased operator safety in hostile environments (sub-zero temperatures) and strenuous activities (lifting of heavy loads), as well as greater efficiency in creating customers’ pallets.

“LogiMate offers great benefits for the large-scale retail trade and case picking activities. We are the only ones providing a new and fully automated solution in which the final re- positioning pallet for the store is prepared, handled and formed completely automatically. LogiMate supports this type of solution and, like any other shuttle, it is also suitable for managing ‘each picking’ solution for Micro-Fulfilment Centres.” Canali concludes.

System Logistics provides innovative intralogistics and material handling solutions for the optimization of the supply chains of warehouses, distribution centres and production centres all over the world. With a focus on the Food & Beverage and Large-Scale Retail sector, System Logistics develops customised solutions for automated storage and picking. The solutions in the range can be used at all temperatures: from ambient temperature, to controlled or cold temperature (0-4°C) for storing dairy products or fruits and vegetables, to frozen environments (-25°C).

System Logistics, with headquarters in Fiorano Modenese (MO), has 9 branches worldwide. Since 2016, the company has been member of KRONES Group, international leader in the design, development and production of machines and complete lines for beverage processing, filling and packaging.

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