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AMHSA Member SEC Group Design and Install Multi-tier Picking Solution for Focus International

By 10th November 2020 No Comments

Storage Capacity up 40% at Focus International

SEC Storage has designed and installed a future proofed, multi-tier picking structure solution at Focus International providing a 40% increase in storage capacity.

Focus International is a market leader in design, sourcing, distribution and promotion for over 10 million units across apparel, footwear and accessories, supplied to some of the most powerful high street retailers in the world.

At their impressive warehouse in St Albans, Hertfordshire, Focus stock a vast range of fashion and sports brands and apparel within a narrow aisle pallet racking system. Goods received from primarily overseas manufacturers arrive containerised, are then placed in the unloading bays, added to the warehouse management system and then moved via forklifts to be stored appropriately throughout the facility before onward distribution.

However increased growth and throughput requirements were putting a strain on their existing system and Focus came to SEC Storage to find a solution for their strategy going forward. The articulated truck pallet racking was no longer sustainable as a business model and an urgent requirement was to increase pick faces.

Following a comprehensive site survey, in-depth data analysis and system modelling, SEC Storage put forward a solution for a multi-tier picking structure encompassing all lighting and data communication required, fully designed and installed by the team at SEC.

The solution offered a complete change from the way Focus had been working previously and as SEC collaborated with them during Brexit, this meant the system selected had to be very flexible as any manufacturing or import decisions could have influenced a change in requirements. Overall the new structure is a bespoke design that incorporates the capacity for convertible pick-faces from static to dynamic carton flow, allowing the flexibility for change that is necessary due to the uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the changing demographics of Focus’ marketplaces. Future conversions offer the opportunity to increase storage capacity and pick-efficiency further as the business grows, and to do so without carrying out any structural amendments.

Implementing the SEC Storage solution has provided Focus with a 40% increase in storage capacity, an innovative design allowing it to convert from static to dynamic at will, the installation of spiral shoots with the ability to convert to power spirals within the existing warehouse, as well as a significant increase in throughput.

In addition to the vastly improved storage and throughput efficiencies, the key ROI came through staff efficiencies as the business was able to increase overall productivity by over 50%. The solution offered the ideal conduit for growth using the existing skilled staff, simply reallocated within the company structure.

As part of the longer term strategy for Focus International, SEC Storage has outlined a phase two of the project to be installed across the warehouse which could deliver automation elements such as conveyors, further demonstrating the benefit of this future proofed design.