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Gebhardt Intralogistics UK Limited market a comprehensive range of intralogistics solutions including:

  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) – tote and pallet
  • Satellite Storage Systems
  • Shuttle systems
  • Tote and pallet handling conveyor systems
  • Goods lifts

Gebhardt Intralogistics UK Limited manufacture and install a comprehensive range of Carton and Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems, as well as Goods Lifts and other Material Handling Systems. We develop tailored complete solutions – from the idea through to complete realisation in the field of transport, material flow, sorting technology, assembly, warehouse technology including ASRS control & automation, stock management systems and ITY integration – all from a single source. At our plant in Nottingham, England, we manufacture a range of package handling conveyor systems based upon Gebhardt’s world-class Series 300, which encompasses powered belt, power roller and gravity roller conveyors.

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Gebhardt produce the Series 300 tote and carton handling and Series 500 pallet handling conveyor systems and our expertise is in providing automated systems in such fields as:

  • High Bay Warehouses
  • Cold Stores
  • Retail Distribution Centres
  • Production Operations
  • Breweries
  • Automotive Parts Centres

Within these fields, we provide total solutions for order picking, sortation, kitting, assembly, storage and retrieval etc. including cost effective PLC control and software packages.

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