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Trusted partners being recruited by MiTek Mezzanine Systems to meet European demand

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With an established German office in Cologne, MiTek Mezzanine Systems can offer clients a seamless Brexit experience. Meanwhile, in response to significantly increased demand, the mezzanine floor solutions provider continues to strengthen its supply chain by actively recruiting a network of trusted partners.

“We set up our operation in Cologne back in 2017,” explains Keith Aldrich, Contracts & Procurement Director for MiTek Mezzanine Systems, “and having this European base has helped us to mitigate both supply chain and exchange rate risk.” The Cologne office has not only handled the company’s installations in Germany but projects right across Europe, from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia. “This was a strategic response to the Brexit referendum,” admits Keith Aldrich, “but its success has proven the potential in European markets for our business. With demand for our solutions absolutely booming and half of our projects for 2021 being located on the Continent, we are now firmly focused on strengthening our partnerships in Europe. Any steel manufacturers, erectors, installers or suppliers of associated services that are committed to the highest standards of quality and service and wish to be considered for trusted supplier status with MiTek Mezzanine Systems should apply via our website.”

Keith Aldrich, Contracts & Procurement Director for MiTek Mezzanine Systems

E-com growth

Acceleration of the growth in e-commerce due to the pandemic is fuelling demand for mezzanine floor solutions. “E-tailers need more space to handle the different order profile in e-com and the associated number of returns,” says Aldrich. “Against a backdrop of labour shortages in the logistics sector, the need for greater warehouse processing that comes with higher e-com volumes is also driving the trend towards warehouse automation. This in turn is feeding demand for extreme strength in mezzanine floors. Hence the spike in interest in our Mezzanine7 solution, which is up to 7 times stronger than a standard mezzanine.”

Demand for mezzanine floors is booming, especially in the e-com sector

Speed to market is key

Blue-chip clients increasingly cite speed to market as a critical factor in the awarding of contracts, particularly in e-commerce,” says Keith Aldrich. “We want to remain the supplier of choice for these top brands, so we need to continue to have a robust supply chain right across Europe in order to be able to meet their international requirements for rapid speed to market and deliver a fast return on investment. Our growing network of trusted suppliers also supports our sustainability objectives,” he adds, “with responsible sourcing close to the point of use enabling us to minimise our carbon footprint. This approach is summed up in our group slogan of Global Partnerships, Local Solutions.”