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AMHSA Member SEC Storage Intelligent Racking Design and Installation

By 8th September 2020 No Comments

Racking Hits New Heights at GM Treble

SEC Storage has designed and installed a highly efficient pallet racking and storage solution at GM Treble in Wolverhampton, which incorporated comprehensive health and safety elements to ensure an efficient and safe facility.

As one of the longest established pump specialist suppliers to the UK, the key to GM Treble’s success over the past 50 years has been to maintain full stock coverage of products from the main manufacturers. This enables them to offer a next day delivery service on a huge range of items and having an efficient and safe storage and picking system is paramount to achieving their desired delivery and customer service levels.

The two clear aims of the project was firstly, to provide a modern and flexible pallet racking and storage solution which would allow the business to grow in line with their business strategy. Secondly, SEC Storage was tasked with designing a solution to encompass an upgrade of the existing facility to enhance health and safety elements with a recent increase in employee numbers.


Within the facility’s 1550sqm, SEC installed a new pallet racking area and multi-tier picking structure, featuring short span shelving at the highest point of the building. This provided additional storage space which optimised the cube in terms of available storage space and ensured each product was stored at the optimal height and in the correct location to enable both efficient and safe manual picking. On the ground and 1st floors, shelving designated for small products was installed at optimal picking heights which no longer required mechanical handling equipment.

Throughout the facility a combination of health and safety elements including segregation, walkways, floor barriers and anti-collapse mesh ensured a safe and efficient work space. Furthermore the overall solution incorporated a flexible design with the system able to be easily reconfigured as the business expands.