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Enhanced Plastic Pallet Outperforms Wooden Rival

By 24th February 2020 No Comments

Enhanced plastic Euro pallet outperforms its wooden rival

As more companies automate their materials handling and storage operations, the need for reliable pallets that can go the distance has never been greater. With’s enhanced plastic Euro E7 pallet, it’s ‘all systems go’ thanks to its seamless integration with automated handling systems.

The enhanced plastic Euro E7 pallet

The enhanced plastic Euro E7 pallet offers all the advantages of a classic wooden Euro-pallet whilst guaranteeing better performance and large potential savings in automated operations, where they are already being successfully deployed for a number of heavy line retail applications.

In a recent study from Virginia Tech University based on an industrial survey, more than half of the 259 respondents admitted to pallet-related issues with automated equipment occurring on a daily or weekly basis, largely as a result of poor quality or damaged wooden pallets.

Commenting on the study Jim Hardisty, Managing Director for, said: “When companies are looking to invest in automated equipment, pallets are often the last thing they consider. As pallet quality can have such a major impact on operational efficiency in automated handling scenarios, it’s crucial that pallets are considered much earlier on in the purchase process.”

One of the major benefits of’s Euro E7 pallet is that is has the exact dimensions of a wooden Euro-pallet – measuring 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 144mm (H) – so it can be easily integrated into automated systems that have already been customised for wooden pallets. Yet, unlike a wooden pallet made from loose component parts and nails that can hamper automated systems, the Euro E7 is moulded from high-quality HDPE plastic, which guarantees 100% dimensional accuracy therefore eliminating machine disruption and operational downtime.

This means that the plastic Euro E7 pallet can run in a conveyor system parallel to existing wooden pallets without any need for adjustment, equally, it can also be used as a shuttle for any defective wooden pallets.

Red anti-slip strips and stoppers are a standard feature but there are several options to customise the Euro E7 pallet