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Ferag’s Denisort, solution for MyBox Logistics in Poland

By 9th October 2020 No Comments

Compact sorting system for shoes and fashion products.

A highly efficient denisort line built by Swiss company Ferag AG is planned for the new distribution centre at MyBox Logistics in Kielce, Poland. The modular system, which is tuned for compactness, will be equipped with 342 tilting trays and 205 chutes. These will be used to sort 8,600 units per hour – primarily shoes and accessories plus other fashion products – as part of order fulfilment. Commissioning of the system is planned for spring 2020.

The Marketing Investment Group from Poland – of which MyBox Logistics is part – wants to benefit even more from the e-commerce boom in future. Additionally, it also wants to ensure a faster, better supply to its distribution network through the use of state-of-the-art technology. With this in mind, the new distribution centre – which is currently under construction on a greenfield site close to Kielce and will have a floor space of 23,000 square metres – will be equipped with a 205-metre-long, fully automated denisort system from Ferag. Planned here are two parallel sorting sections with a total of 342 trays that can tilt to either side and 205 robust distribution chutes, plus two loading zones each with eight workstations. Goods are positioned by hand. The chutes are made of laminated chipboard, which ensures gentle handling of the products and guarantees a long service life.

The denisort technology developed by Ferag is designed for both simple and complex system layouts. It also works perfectly when space is at a premium. This means it offers a high level of flexibility and can also be scaled easily. The denisort line in Kielce can thus not only be expanded to cope with the growing requirements expected by the customer in future, but also be optimized with the addition of automatic feeding at any time. The denisort system therefore always meets the technical requirements for further improvements in efficiency.

The Ferag customer MyBox Logistics is part of the Marketing Investment Group (MIG). Headquartered in the Polish city of Krakow, the company has a network of over 400 stores in East-Central Europe selling top sport brands’ trainers and apparels at multibrand chains: Sizeer, 50style & Symbiosis. MIG also takes care of order fulfilment for the online stores of these brands in East-Central Europe. Moreover, the Group also acts as wholesaler for Timberland, New Era, Lotto, Umbro and Lacoste on the Polish market.