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Magic Folding Box

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Award-winning ‘Magic’ folding box – a multi-trip alternative to one-trip cardboard! has introduced a cost-effective, folding plastic box to its extensive range that offers a multi-trip alternative to the ubiquitous one-trip cardboard box.

Manufactured by Gamma-Wopla and available exclusively through in the UK, the Magic Box was recently named ‘Product of the Year 2020’ by leading German logistics magazine materialfluss.

From its considerable benefits over cardboard it is clear to see why this Magic Box is award worthy!

Moulded from polypropylene plastic, the Magic Box boasts superior strength when compared to one-trip cardboard or corrugated designs, making it suitable for multiple trips to and from the retailer. With handgrips on each end, the folding box can be assembled and ready for use in just in three seconds – simply hold the hand-holes and pull outwards ‘et voila’!

The award-winning Magic Box

3 Second Assembly

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “In the UK, approximately 5 billion cardboard boxes are used each year – that requires a terrifying number of trees to be felled, not to mention the destruction to our forests.

“For retailers using large volumes of cardboard packaging, our new Magic Box offers a low-cost, more environmentally-friendly alternative – and you won’t have to throw it away after one use, as it can be used for multiple trips!”

Measuring 400mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 200mm (H) and weighing a mere 0.79kg, the Magic Box offers a storage capacity of 20 litres when full, and folds completely flat when empty – it won’t spring back up like cardboard – a huge benefit for return journey transportation.

Like all plastic boxes, the Magic Box is weather-resistant making it less vulnerable to damage. At the end of its use, it can also be sustainably recycled, through’s pioneering recycling scheme.

Available in blue or grey as standard, other colours are available for large orders, as well as the option to personalise with a company name or logo. For hygienic applications, it is also available in food-grade approved plastic.

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It takes just 3-seconds to assemble the Magic Box