NEWSPlastic Pallets expands small box range

By 27th July 2021 No Comments expands small box range with new two-colour attached lid containers

This last year has seen exceptional growth in plastic pallet and pallet box sales and now the company is expanding its small box range with the addition of five new attached lid containers (ALCs).

Different to your traditional single colour totes, the five new ALCs has added to its range are a unique two-colour design. Manufactured in the UK, the ALCs are moulded from premium-grade Polypropylene material and come with a dark grey base and blue lid as standard, however for large order quantities of 500+ units, other colour options are available.

For businesses operating a number of different production lines, like FMCG operations, two-colour ALCs help ensure products from one line, don’t get mixed up with another. In certain industries, like pharmaceuticals, being able to separate different drugs in this way is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the operation, which must adhere to strict GMP practices.

The largest 80-litre attached lid container the GO ALC Removal

Introducing the new ALCs can provide the two-colour ALCs direct from stock in five different sizes, from the largest GO ALC Removal 80-litre container measuring 710mm (L) x 460mm (W) x 368mm (H) to the smallest GO ALC 43300 28-litre container measuring 400mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 300mm (H).

These new ALCs come with a number of customisation options. Personalisation of a company name or logo is possible through the company’s thermal printing service, which makes the containers easy to identify and helps ensure they get returned efficiently after use. Serial numbers can also be printed directly onto the containers – particularly useful for retailers delivering different batches of clothing and accessories to multiple distribution centres. There is also an option to add a clear label holder to the top corner of the box and, where required, tamper evident devices including cable ties or arrow head seals can also be supplied.

Easy storage and handling

The ALCs have been uniquely moulded with a slight incline on the base to facilitate their use in automated handling systems, from conveyors to stackers. Where older models tend to be noisy transiting through roller conveyors, this new design considerably reduces noise levels and ensures a much smoother process.

When full, the ALCs are easy to stack with the base of one sitting perfectly inside the lid of another. When empty, they conveniently nest inside each other, which can save up to 70% space in storage and on return journeys.

After use the ALCs can be easily washed manually or through an industrial box washing machine, and when they reach the end of their working life, they can be returned to who will ensure that they are responsibly recycled as part of its Responsibility Policy.

Browse our new ALC range here or call our team of experts who will be happy to answer your questions.

The smallest 28-litre attached lid container the GO ALC 43300