NEWSPlastic Pallets launches CabCube® 3.0, a new foldable large container

By 20th July 2021 No Comments, The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company, has launched a new, multi-purpose folding large container (FLC) in the UK – the CabCube® 3.0, which comes with a range of innovative features.

Following the success of the CabCube 2.0, which launched in 2016, the 3.0 version offers the same benefits of being a cost-effective, lightweight and reusable FLC but with a smaller footprint closer to those used widely in mainland Europe of 1235mm (L) x 840mm (W) – a size desired by the automotive industry but ideal for any large volume storage and distribution needs.

Sustainability and the circular economy are becoming increasingly important across all industries whether for reasons of climate protection, resource scarcity or rising raw material prices. With its intelligent product design by CABKA-IPS, the CabCube® 3.0 foldable large container can be used many times over and is perfect for minimizing the ecological footprint and CO2 emissions in transport and logistics. Also, it is injection moulded from recycled plastic which gives a stronger, robust and more durable product than normal sleeve packs.

The Cab Cube® 3.0 is extremely efficient during transport.

Offering a storage capacity of 722 litres, the Cab Cube® 3.0 is extremely efficient during transport: A mega trailer can accommodate 64 Cab Cube® 3.0 units when erect, but 384 units when folded flat. This new solution allows users to minimise their logistics and warehousing costs by clever stacking whilst still protecting the environment.

Weighing 37 kilograms, the Cab Cube® 3.0 is lightweight in comparison to traditional heavy sided FLCs and much lighter than the historic now redundant metal stillages which were previously popular in the automotive industry.  

It is also much more ergonomic when it comes to handling, with features such as a cleverly designed base that guides the sleeve to quicky snap into place for easy and safe assembly and disassembly. The new Snap-Fit system also makes it easy to replace the container’s feet and simpler to attach RFID transponders where appropriate, allowing users to reliably identify and track individual containers and their contents.

Perfect for any purpose

The Cab Cube® 3.0 is also ideal for use on automated production and packaging lines. The stackable container is compatible with metal cages and other large containers. The base has four feet as standard but versions on nine feet or 3 runners are also available. The latter means the FLC can be used in high bay warehouses.

Customers can choose from different coloured sleeves as well and individual branding. The Cab Cube® 3.0 also has a smooth surface for easy cleaning and the sleeve and lid protect the contents from dust and UV rays. For special applications, such as in the automotive industry, subject to minimum order numbers, the container is also available in an electrically conductive ESD version.

As standard the Cab Cube 3.0 has a 1235mm (L) x 840mm (W) footprint but is available with a variety of standard sleeve heights to choose from. The ideal container for transporting goods of different shapes and sizes – a compact and environmentally friendly solution.

The CabCube® 3.0, comes with a range of innovative features.

Like the majority of’s products, the CabCube® 3.0 is fully recyclable, so at the end of its long working life it can be collected and recycled to produce other high-quality plastic pallets and boxes.

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