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Automated Material bulk handling is an essential everyday task within the logistics world. Storing, transporting and moving larger loads either through your supply chain or around your fulfilment centre relies on the goods to be carried on a sturdy and robust platform.

Plastic pallets are manufactured in an enormous variety of sizes, shapes and colours to meet the requirements of your automated system. Plastic pallets are suitable for many applications including reusable euro plastic pallets and space saving nestable pallets, to hygienic pallets, pallets for export and heavy duty, multi-use pallets.

There are many distinct advantages that plastic pallets hold over their traditionally made predecessors. The use of wood and paper to manufacture pallets has been recognised as more sustainably challenging than their newer contemporary rivals. The use of plastics within this field have been recognised as offering longer term durability and sustainability solutions, in fact the automated logistics sector has adopted the term Reusable Transit Packaging. An homage to the fact that when these products come to the end of their serviceable life within their supply chain they are ground down and the plastic is recycled and made into new replacement products ready for another lifetime.

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